Thursday/ restoring the grid

Multiple utility companies are working around the clock to restore the damage done by the storm Sandy. The Edison Electric Institute is the association of United States shareholder-owned electric power companies.  They have a web site with maps that show how the wide-spread repairs to the grid in the North-East are progressing.

[From the Wall Street Journal, supplied by electric utility PSE&G] A diagram that shows the types of damages sustained by the storm.
An update of the restoration progress from the EEI website (as of Friday 5.00 pm EDT).
This map is from the electric utility company PSE&G’s (Public Service Electric and Gas Co.) web site. It shows the counties in the state of New Jersey and how many customers are still without power.
[Diagram from Edison Electrical Institute website] Since homes are at the last few hundred yards of the entire grid, they are also the last to their power restored.

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