Tuesday/ the storm aftermath

I really shouldn’t have said (in yesterday’s post) ‘the worst is over’ as far as the storm goes.  As someone said tonight : with any storm there is the storm itself, there is the immediate aftermath, and then there is the long-term to consider.  The NY Times  http://www.nytimes.com/ reports that 8 million people were without power by Tuesday afternoon and that the recovery will be daunting.   The US Army Corp of Engineers has sent their ‘National Unwatering SWAT Team’ to help rid the flooded NYC subway of its water.  This team typically operates in the New Orleans area. It is the worst disaster in the 108-year old subway system’s history.

P.S. I made it as far as Chicago, and then learned that our workshops in Pittsburgh for Wednesday and Thursday had been canceled.  What to do? I could continue on to Pittsburgh (my flight was still on); or I could have stayed over in Chicago for a night or so.  But United Airlines had a Boeing 757 three gates away, scheduled to depart for Seattle in 45 minutes and with a first-class seat they could put me in for no extra fee.  So it was an easy choice, and Tuesday night found me home in Seattle, very grateful that I have a home with electricity and no flooding to deal with.

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