Monday/ the many forms of Scrabble

I love my Scrabble on my iPad.  I had time on Sunday to haul out my other Scrabble sets as well.   As far as I can tell there are no on-line versions yet for my Afrikaans edition of Scrabble, or the German one I bought in Vienna some years ago.   And check out the Japanese word game I bought just recently.

This is Scrabble on the iPad. You have to give it all you got to beat the ‘CPU’ machine like I did here.  OK, I’ll confess : ADNATION – (botany) the adhesion of different plants – I had the Scrabble program find for me. The computer built GLOBEFISH around ‘LO’ but check out my own 7 letter word : MISSPENT.
This is German. My German vocabulary is very shaky, so I’m kind of limited to 3 and 4 letter words !
Here is my Afrikaans Scrabble set. They used to be available in wooden tiles, but lately only in plastic.
It looks like Scrabble, and it has pretty pictures, so never mind that it will take 6 months of intense study of the Japanese language to play – I had to have it as a curiosity. I guess one can use the cheat sheet, even though you will not know what word you are building. These are katakana characters. Japanese also has hiragana and Latin charaters (called romaji).


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