Monday/ sunset on Olive Way

I was just leaving the Half Price Books store on Capitol Hill on Sunday night when the sun was setting, etching out the Space Needle in the distance.  I tried to get a good picture with my phone camera, but the contrast between the bright sky and the dimly lit foreground was too great to get it all in one shot.  So here’s what you do: you take TWO pictures, and then use Photoshop to combine them.  Yes, it’s a little work, but didn’t the combined picture come out great?

This is the combined picture, with the Space Needle and apartment building nicely etched against the sky, and the foreground with the white wall properly lit.  There is also a Starbucks in front of the apartment building.
And here are the two original pictures. No foreground visible in the first one, and on the second one the bright background makes the Space Needle and building outline fuzzy. So I used the best of both!


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