Friday/ ‘Wonderful Tonight’

Five of us had our beers and a cocktail and some food in the lobby of the Sheraton Dameisha tonight.  Downstairs a band was playing songs to the theme ‘Caribbean Festival’.  One song was Eric Clapton’s The reggae version of  Eric Clapton’s 1977 song ‘Wonderful Tonight’.  Here is the first part of the song’s lyrics :

It’s late in the evening; she’s wondering what clothes to wear.
She’ll put on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, “Do I look all right?”
And I say, “Yes, you look wonderful tonight.”

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that’s walking around with me.
And then she asks me, “Do you feel all right?”
And I say, “Yes, I feel wonderful tonight.”

The view of the band in the Sheraton Dameisha from upstairs.


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