Thursday, mercifully the week is drawing to a close.    We have an ‘all-hands’ meeting this afternoon which means I get to sit on my tush and not stand up front trying to control a discussion with a room full of 20 people.   The blurry picture below is of hundreds of building skeletons we see each morning on the way in here .. which seems like a shockingly inefficient use of capital given that there must be plenty of people in China needing housing, businesses needing infrastructure, communities needing schools and hospitals and all that.   The picture below that is of the Bird’s Nest-like entertainment stadium from the Outside China Town theme park where we were just this weekend.   I snapped the picture from over the wall of the apartment complex when I went for a walk one night : it’s that close to us !

I’m going to Hong Kong with 3 colleagues from work; our objectives going to the city are very different (big dinner at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse versus eating local food, going to all the touristy place versus just discovering stores and sights while walking the streets, the choice of bar to go to for a beer on Saturday night !) .. so we’ll see how that works out.   I don’t want to be unsocial, but I do need a break from the people I work with and room with.  I really do!  Go away! : )

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