Thursday/ weekend plans

This message from the ATM machine at the apartments.   Please obstruct other’s view when input password to avoid peek .. yes,  peek : ) at your password not good !

My roommates and others are going to Shenzhen for the weekend; I am a going to attempt to get into Hong Kong on my own.  From the red dot on the far right where the apartments are to the train station dot on the Hong Kong border with a driver all should go without a hitch.   Then I might run into a mob scene at the Hong Kong border, with thousands of mainland travelers trying to get through customs (it’s Chinese New Year weekend).  It might count in my favor that I’m a foreigner – we have a separate line at customs.    Once through customs, I should be all clear since I know how to use the Mass Transit Rail system – but again there might be hordes of people that will want to use the train go to Hong Kong city.   I will see!   My plan B is to turn around, go back to Shenzhen and stay in the hotel and give up on Hong Kong.   But there will be a really big fireworks display on Saturday night to herald in the Year of the Tiger.   And who wants to miss a fireworks display from the inventors of it?

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