Monday ..

.. yes, it’s Monday and I actually have to do some work! (from home, giving myself one more day then I’ll go into the office tomorrow).   It also allows me to take care of very necessary little tasks such as throwing my computer backpack into the washing machine to get rid of the smell from a chunk of banana that went unnoticed and bad inside of it!  yechh.   My house is in decent shape, and the deck and yard at the back is finally free of leaves and twigs now that the neighbor’s maple tree has shed all it had for the season.

The 2007 versions of Microsoft Word and Excel that we upgraded to recently also seems buggy and glitchy and I’ll go and ask the tech support guy tomorrow if he had similar complaints from other users.   (Always a bad situation when you’re the only one with a problem that no one has ever seen before, isn’t it?).

I have to get a light jacket and maybe a few more dress shirts so that I have some extra out in China.  Isabella the dry cleaner shop in the apartment complex is on the pricey side at $2 a shirt and even more for pants, but the clothes come out of the cleaners looking like new.

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