Back at the apartment, Monday at work behind me.   Today I saw an SAP screen in Chinese alongside the English version.  The English is flawlessly lucid – and the Chinese infathomably foreign! 🙂   Here is how the Chinese characters get entered into any system : a Chinese computer keyboard is very close to a Western style keyboard, but the user types in syllables or English phonetic equivalents of Chinese characters, and software interprets the keystrokes and pops the Chinese character into the application.    But even more fascinating is to see a Chinese person actually writing these squiggly spidery characters on a piece of paper.   How did you ever learn to do that? I want to ask them.

But just to make sure we don’t get too serious – here is a picture of the wrapper on a Chinese twinkie sitting on the storeshelf yesterday.   Aww .. I bet the little panda bear sells a lot of twinkies !

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